DagitabLog™: An Interesting Human Clock
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An Interesting Human Clock


Billy Chasen has created an interesting flash-based human clock using human formations of the numbers 0-9 from Stupid Random and Hilarious. Very neat and nicely done! You can check it out at his official website here.

And to make thing more interesting, I made a few comments on the images used in the clock. I also made a glossy feel on the images using a little tool from reflectionmaker.com. So here is the show of the numbers 0 to 9.

Zero: Is the shoot done? I think I broke my back.

One: Stand still, look on your right and smile, a hard task to do.

Two: Where is the string?

Three: Look, she's doing crunches.

Four: Want to sit somewhere else?

Five: Doesn't that feel heavy?

Six: Some stretching and body curvatures.

Seven: Hmmm... you barrowed the string from number 2 huh?

Eight: Still feel the bones in you?

Nine: Well that feels good!

What do you think about these pictures? Photoshopped, acrobatics with strings attached or photographer's technique?

All images copyright by their respective owners.

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