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Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification


Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

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Cartoonize Your Photos at Befunky

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If you're a fan of funky-looking cartoons and comics, then I'm sure you will love this site. BeFunky lets you have fun with your photos by letting you cartoonize them. It has several applications which allows you to instantly and effortlessly turn photos of yourself into a cartoon you've always dreamed of being.

Here's the site's blurb about the Cartoonizer App:

Upload your image and start using the cartoonizer tool to warp, sketch and color your cartoon. Add all kinds of frames, graphics and shapes to your design and then share it on your favorite social networks including FaceBook, Myspace, Hi5, Friendster and Bebo. No special art school education or graphic design skills are needed.

The service is completely free and you don't have to download any software for it.

They are also planning to release a "Video Cartoonizer" soon. If you've seen Scanner Darkly, your cartoonized videos will look something like that. Here is an example:

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Google Updated Page Ranks - DagitabLog Got PR3!


The last update of the nominal Google PageRank happened about 3 months ago in September 2008. Also at that time, I just started DagitabLog. It has been a long wait before I saw my blog having a PageRank.

PageRank Checking Icon
Google was very early in releasing the new numbers and I'm very happy with the results. From nothing to a PR of 3 - that is something to boast about!

Since this is my first time of getting a PageRank, I'm really excited of the changes that will happen over the next weeks or months. Or will there be any change at all? Hopefully, yes!

How about you? Any movement on your PageRank? You are more than welcome to share.

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DagitabLog is Changing Theme


I am changing the way DagitaBlog looks. I decided to use a magazine style theme designed by Michael Jubel Hutagalung of ColorLabsProject called Arthemia. The original design was for Wordpress and converted to Blogger by Wordpress To Blogger.

I'm changing the theme because the previous design (Langit Theme) was not really good at SEO and Adsense optimization. Actually, I have started looking for a new theme a month ago and Arthemia was just one in my list. Other templates which catched my eye were Rebel Magazine Theme, Maggo Magazine Theme and SlickPress Theme. I chose Arthemia because I was really charmed on how it made the headline and featured posts. And there is an available converted theme for Blogger too.

This themes' features include:

  • Two/Three columns (depends on your customization)
  • Professional design with magazine style
  • Built-in search box
  • Nice drop down navigation menu
  • Three footer widgets
  • Banner ad ready (468×60)
  • Google Adsense ready (300×250 rectangle, 120×600 sidebar)

The customization is not yet finished and probably you already noticed several glitches and bugs. DagitabLog will become up and running good in no time.

Sorry, ALL previous comments are gone. It can be helped... I'm still finding a way how to put back the comments from IntenseDebate. Here's what IntenseDebate told me:

Our comment importers and exporters make bringing your comments with you a piece of cake, so you don't need to worry about losing a single one.

Hopefully, the cake will give me peace. Until next time.

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Himatsubushi : Kill Time


Try this game of Himatsubushi, which literally translates to "kill time" or "crush boredom" in Japanese.

This is a fun and weird flash game where your main objective is to keep your mouse pointer safe as long as possible from a little orange ninja guy who will try to grab or hit your cursor with lots of tricks you will never thought or expect. I say he is a cursor addict or cursor maniac! The game also requires you not to move your mouse outside the game's background or else your score will reset to zero.

This is not easy as you might think because the ninja guy will always get you and will give you a big grin every time he captures or destroys your cursor. Just a warning: don't get irritated to him because if you do, you will really smash your monitor screen!

For info, my highest score is 2325 points. How about you? How long can your mouse pointer can survive? Play now and post your score!

Some pics of the game:

My Highest Score : 2325 points!

The pole smash.

The homing missile.

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Obama in Editorial News Around the World


The U.S. Presidential Election is over ... he did it ... Barack Obama won! What did editorials across the world say, imply, question, disparage, hope, ...?

The Times of London
"... the poor blacks among whom Mr. Obama launched his political career. He is not the last role model they will ever need, but he is the most powerful proof his country has produced that it is ready to judge them by the content of their character, not the color of their skin."

La Stampa, Italy:
"The new president knows better than anyone else -- he said it in his first speech -- of having enormous problems to resolve. We will see of what stuff he is made of, his capacity to support a government, outside of his unquestioned media talents ..."

Berliner Morgenpost, Germany:
"In the midst of an international crisis, Obama's victory gives rise to a moment of global confidence. The globe is caught up in a feeling of 'Yes, we can.'"

O Estado de S. Paulo, Brazil:
"We were rooting for Obama because we were rooting for the resurgence of the American dream." Do you agree that there will be a resurgence of the American dream under Barack Obama?

Jomhuri Eslami, Iran:
"While arrogance and support to Israel are major parts of the U.S. imperialism, expecting change in the US policy under Obama, is a naive expectation."

Al-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:
"We in the Arab and Islamic world should not be tempted to believe that Obama will lay his prayer rug in a mosque, declare himself to be of Islamic faith, become hostile to Israel and pull his troops from Iraq or Afghanistan."

Americas & Caribbean news says:
"Venezuela's Hugo Chávez is open to new relations with the U.S. aimed at launching a constructive bilateral agenda."

Philippine Daily Inquirer:
"The prospect of the first African-American sitting in the Oval Office (and a young African-American family living in the White House) has not only renewed Americans' faith in their system (in which, it is said, anyone can grow up to be president) but earned global good will for the United States."

National Post, Canada:
"Writing as Canadian journalists, we must confess to feeling a certain surreal sense as we witness history in the making in the United States. The election is not ours, yet it is impossible not to feel a certain vicarious thrill as we watch our American friends experience this historic event. As political figures go, Mr. Obama arouses an unusual amount of admiration on this side of the border. Indeed, we've never seen anything like it." Does Barack Obama arouse admiration in you?

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