DagitabLog™: Microsoft's 7th OS is "Windows 7"
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Microsoft's 7th OS is "Windows 7"

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Microsoft has unveiled the official name of the next version of its Windows operating system. Yep, the code name of the 7th release of Windows is Windows 7. Simplicity is the keyword for it, unlike its predecessors Windows Vista and Windows XP with aspirational names.

Just for a review of the NT versions of the original Windows line:

  • 1st: Windows NT 3.1

  • 2nd: Windows NT 3.5

  • 3rd: Windows NT 4.0

  • 4th: Windows 2000 (5.0)

  • 5th: Windows XP (5.1)

  • 6th: Windows Vista (6.0)

  • And finally 7th: Windows 7 (Windows 7 is the 7th major version in the desktop NT line)

But I smell Windows 7 is just Windows Vista with a Service Pack.

Full story in Windows Vista Team Blog.

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