DagitabLog™: 6 Awesome and Engaging Widgets for Your Blog
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6 Awesome and Engaging Widgets for Your Blog

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There are tons of widgets you can find the web which can add spice in your blog. But most of them lack one important functionality which most of us blogger would want our blogs have - user engagement.

Wowzio brought six engaging and essential blog widgets in one place. These are not the standard kind of widgets you can find because they are fast, live and relevant. Best of all, these widgets can attract viewers and make them stay for a longer time, hence increasing the page views in your blog or website.

I tried to setup my own widgets and amazingly, all I need was my RSS feed and all six widgets are ready to run. The widgets below are real widgets for DagitabLog™ using Wowzio widgets. Each of them is customizable to one's preferences like background color, width, height, play speed, and many more using Wowzio's WSYWYG editor. I will install a couple of these widgets in DagitabLog and see how it can generate more page views in my site.

1. Feed Content
The content widget is a syndication and content distribution mechanism. You can aggregate feeds from multiple sources ( upto 15 ) into one widget. You can use it for cross-promotion of content, or syndication via 3rd party channels.

2. Panoramic Slideshow

3. Photo Gallery

4. Tag Cloud
The tagcloud widget helps bubble up the rich content that is deeply embedded in your blog posts. When a user clicks on a tag, it will display the matching blog posts inside the tagcloud widget frame, thus keeping the user on the same page ( and in the same context ).

5. Slideshow
This widget provides an elegant and simple way for users of your blog/site to discover the awesome content created by you. Each photo links back to it's corresponding blog post. This results in increased engagement of users to your blog, causing an increase in pageviews.

6. Live Activity
Wowzio's Live Activity Widget provides you and your users with a "live" feed of the visits to your blog or site. Everytime a page that the widget is on loads, it detects the user's location and the page they are coming from. This information is fed in real-time to every other widget open at that time, to give your visitors a rare insight into the vitality of your blog or site.

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