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Monetize Your Blog and Social Profiles With dNeero

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What is dNeero?
dNeero is a social network website which develops social surveys where people like you get paid to take and post answers to your blog and/or social network profiles.

dNeero is open to two groups of people: social people and conversation igniters. Social people are those who proliferate dNeero surveys and engage others in the conversation, by posting their answers on their blogs and social network profiles These include bloggers, facebookers and other social network participants. The latter group is interested in doing research and obtaining market data and public sentiments on current trends, products and services, which includes researchers, marketers and advertisers.

How does it work for the Social People?
dNeero pays you to take social conversations. Social conversations are survey that have an interesting twist compared to the old fashioned surveys: you must share your own answers with your friends and peers, and when they read them, you get paid.

For those interested how dNeero conversations can reward you, get started by joining dNeero as a social person. You have to submit some basic information such as name and email. Sign-up is completely free and international users are welcome.

After succesful sign-up, start joining and answering social conversations. Social conversations which are available to you depends on your profile information so better check that out. These conversations are generally short and simple quizzes about products, current trends and news. You should answer them truthfully and you are free to voice whatever opinion you would like to whether its good or bad. dNeero in no way allows market researchers or advertisers to impose bias on respondents.

You will also have an option to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice.

After joining a conversation, you need to post your answer in your blog or social network profiles. dNeero already made a list of html codes and instructions which you need depending on the website platform you are going to post your answers. It's basically copy and paste and your done.

Here is how a social conversation will look in your blog. For this particular conversation, you can earn $1.00 by posting it in your blog and an additional $1.00 per 1000 impressions.

Here is another one which can give you $0.60 for answering and posting in your blog. Also, you can pocket another $1.90 for making 1000 impressions from it.

To get paid for this conversation you need to generate impressions for 5 days out of the 10 days following when you took the survey. In short, somebody out there must view your answers! Advertisers are paying for your opinion and for exposure of their concept. It's a catch, but it requires no effort on your part and most blogs and profiles get visited many times each day by friends. Remember, you've got 10 days to generate just 5 days with impressions - a relatively easy task.

When will I get paid?
You'll get paid instantly via PayPal when your account balance is greater than $20. Therefore, you must have a paypal account in order to get paid. Don't have a Paypal account? Create one here.

Once a day, usually early morning on the east coast of the US, if you have a balance of over $20 and don't have any live conversations that you've launched yourself then dNeero will send your money to the PayPal address in your account settings, automatically.

dNeero already paid me and you can read my story of My First dNeero Payment and my payment proof here. You can also search Google blogs and see how other bloggers earned from dNeero with their payment proofs or just search Google about it for more payment proofs you might need.

If you would like to join dNeero and earn a little money while your at it, I'll be happy to refer you. Just click the logo below and it will bring you to dNeero site.

dNeero Logo

In the past five months I have been doing dNeero, here are some tips I can share with you to maximize your earnings with dNeero.

1. The best place to put dNeero conversations is in a site where it can get lots of impressions. Meaning many people should be able to view and read it. If you have a blog with a decent traffic, consider placing dNeero embeds after every post you make. It really adds up fast!

2. Place the html code not only in your blog but also in your social network profiles. It can generate you more impressions. Remember that the more impressions you make the more earnings you will get. I place mine in my facebook, friendster, multiply and myLot profiles.

3. In your account settings, make sure you chose to be instantly notified when new social conversations are posted. It will let you know ASAP when new conversations are launched.

4. If you have a twitter account, you can also subscribe notification messages via twitter tweets. dNeero will send you direct messages once new conversation are posted. Cool huh? Note you need to add info@dNeero.com as a friend in order for this to work.

5. Add dNeero App in your Facebook profile. It can also generate impressions and you will get updates from there too!

First published in Qassia

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