DagitabLog™: KeyBored - Make Your Computer Keyboard into a Musical Instrument
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KeyBored - Make Your Computer Keyboard into a Musical Instrument


"Every typing activity becomes musical fun!"

Alex Foran has made a java program which literally translates your computer keyboard into a musical instrument. You can make your keyboard into a grand piano, as if you are just hitting piano keys. Or try to strum your keyboard like an electric guitar and jam with it. Or if you want some windy sound, try making your keyboard into a flute. Or if you want to compose your own keyboard orchestra, then be it!

His program is called KeyBored which transforms every letter and number you type into a musical note.

G A B C D E F | G A B
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 | 8 9 0
q w e r t y u | i o p
a s d f g h j | k l
z x c v b n m

Each row on a QWERTY keyboard is an octave, with Z being lowest and the number row highest. Holding shift makes the note sharp.

The current version of the program is version 2.0 which is only 297kB. It's a very small program which can give you some enjoyment with your keyboard on boring times. Maybe you can compose a song as you type a word document, make an email or just by making a chat.

You can directly download it here. Alternatively, you can also download it in Alex's website http://thebatman.net/keybored/.

Handy Tip
Press stop before you close the program, otherwise you'll need to manually terminate it in the task manager so your PC will stop playing notes.

Play Some Tunes

Starwars Theme
zzza g fdsk gfdsk gfdfs

Star Spangled Banner

khfhkr ytrhJk
kkytre werrkhf
khfhkr ytrhJk
kkytre werrkhf
hhhjkk jhghjj
jhgfd sdfgHj
kkfghjk fgh jgf

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