DagitabLog™: My First dNeero Payment
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My First dNeero Payment

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I'm expecting this payment from dNeero today. This morning, I got $19.94 in my account - product of four months of being a dNeero-ite. I only need just a few more cents until I reach the payout.

And fortunately, I have one discussion waiting to get approved for its fifth day of getting impressions in my blog. It's not a problem because my blog already got a decent number of visitors everyday. I will earn $0.35 with this one today!

About 5PM, as I finish my work for today, my email client pops a message and it says dNeero Cash Award for Me. I have been awarded cash for joining the conversation Your Eyes, Your Mind ... Primetime TV - Fall 2008. I checked my dNeero account and its confirmed I got an additional $0.35 making a total of $20.29. I reached the payout.

I was still skeptical that time if I 'll have the money today. But about an hour ago, my email client pops again, and what do you know... It came from Paypal. dNeero really proved their word, We will pay your Paypal account whenever you accrue $20. No questions ask. No waiting for the calendar quarters.

The image below is the snapshot of the email I received from Paypal. I just want to share with you guys and you might want to consider doing what I did.

If you want to join dNeero I'll be happy to refer and help you along the way. Just click the dNeero logo below.

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