DagitabLog™: Wuala, the Social Online Storage
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Wuala, the Social Online Storage

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Say hello to Wuala!

Wuala is a free online social storage service. "What's up with the social word?", you might ask. It just means you can share your files - documents, videos, images, music, and a lot more - with your friends. You can also use this to securely store and backup your files online. That means you can access you files from anywhere at any time, provided you have internet access.

Wuala, the Social Online Storage

Wuala boasts several features which are not found in other website of the same genre. On top of those is file security and privacy. All files in Wuala are encrypted and even the people of Wuala cannot see what your files are. You can also store any file of any size. Be it a 100 KB Word file, a 2 MB JPG photo, or a 3 GB video, you can upload all you want. You can read the full features here.

Wuala was in alpha mode for three long years. They allegedly had ”tens of thousands of alpha users and thousands of communities around the world actively sharing millions of files.”Well, let's see what Wuala can do with millions of users and billions of files!

Visit Wuala and start sharing your files online! Click the logo below to go to Wuala website.

Wuala, the Social Online Storage

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