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Cligs: TinyURL Plus Analytics

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I was twittering two days ago, following the followed, and I found this URL shortening service along the way. It's called Cligs. According to its website, its name happen to came from the word clicks with a g (as in go) pronounced at the end. I see it as a creative term actually, and it really caught my attention because of its similarity to tinyURL but with one BIG difference - free analytics.

Cligs is a very useful tool in converting your long URLs into short ones - very much needed when space is a hot resource! It's best to use in your twitter link updates, email and blog links, and even hiding your affiliate links. On top of these, Cligs can give you a detailed traffic analysis and information about your created short URLs like

  • Total number of hits
  • Referral statistics
  • Recent mentions of the clig itself on twitter
  • Recent links (mentions) of the clig on blogs
  • Recent web links to the clig
  • Recent mentions of the destination URL on twitter
  • Recent blog links to the destination
  • Recent blog links to the destination
  • Recent web links to the destination
  • Delicious bookmarks of the destination
  • Total number of links to the destination

I created an account and started to create my own cligs, and its giving me a birds-eye view of my links everyday, something I have been looking for. You can also sign-up at the website for FREE and start making your own cligs and see how useful it will work to you. Or you can read more about the The Blog of Cligs for more information on how it works.

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