DagitabLog™: Google Updated Page Ranks - DagitabLog Got PR3!
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Google Updated Page Ranks - DagitabLog Got PR3!


The last update of the nominal Google PageRank happened about 3 months ago in September 2008. Also at that time, I just started DagitabLog. It has been a long wait before I saw my blog having a PageRank.

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Google was very early in releasing the new numbers and I'm very happy with the results. From nothing to a PR of 3 - that is something to boast about!

Since this is my first time of getting a PageRank, I'm really excited of the changes that will happen over the next weeks or months. Or will there be any change at all? Hopefully, yes!

How about you? Any movement on your PageRank? You are more than welcome to share.

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Online Mom said...
January 5, 2009 at 11:36 PM  

Congrats, senpai!!! Omedetto!

Like I said, you owe me a PR1, hehehe! No, you deserve it. Keep writing! You can now apply for writing paid reviews hehehe!


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